About Me

Freelance Consulting

Long before “WFH” became a popular acronym, I started my remote web consulting business working with small business owners tackling invaluable and rewarding challenges that make an impact on their community or industry. I'm grateful for a career working with the following industries: technology, entertainment, building materials, real estate, legal, financial, medical, and travel. My life experience includes so much more.

I still support DocumentaryTelevision.com, a cherished client and friend since 2010. Working with Peter has allowed me to stay connected to the film and TV industry while serving in a different capacity. 

It's funny how everything comes full circle. Before web consulting, I was a Legal/Financial Proofreader at corporate NYC firms where I ensured a high quality of work for global staff. Now, my focus is shifting to digital publishing.

When Not On The Computer

You can usually find me with loved ones or enjoying nature walks and hikes, cooking, listening to podcasts, and studying a new skill or how to heal my body.

Digital Publishing

Since 2022

Web / Print Marketing

Since 2003

Proofreading / Formatting

Since 1999

In case you are curious: 

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